Air Brake Books by Allan C. Wright

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Air Brakes

PRESTO PRINT LTD. is the publisher and distributor of THE AIRBRAKE CONNECTION and INSIDE AIR BRAKE VALVES AND DEVICES AND HOW THEY WORK, both written by Allan C. Wright

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The Air Brake Connection
This book was updated in 1998 and is directed towards mechanics involved in repairs and maintenance of airbrake systems. It covers most systems in use.

Inside Air Brake Valves and Devices and How they Work
Designed to be a companion to the “Air Brake Connection”, this manual adds a new dimension to the understanding of air brakes. Where the “Air Brake Connection” describes the hookup and function of the various air valves, the new manual, through simplified “x-ray” diagrams, shows how the devices actually accomplish those functions. The diagrams show a valve in each of its operational modes, allowing the reader to follow the flow of air from initial application, to full release. Written in 2008.


Slide Presentation Kit
Allan Wright also distributes a great overhead teaching kit for anyone giving courses in the operation or repair of airbrake equipped vehicles. For more information please contact us.